Legacy Resources Insurance Services is a leading provider of necessary strategic resources integral to helping protect, enhance and transfer your legacy in the most efficient manner.

Legacy Resources Insurance Services specializes in the planning, structuring, and monitoring of large life insurance portfolios. With extensive experience in asset protection, maximizing multi-generational wealth transfer, and sophisticated techniques of estate planning, we offer affluent clients high-level options to conserve and transfer their family legacy.

We realize that the life insurance portfolio can be a critical component of wealth transfer and estate planning.

We work diligently with our clients' family office to assure that the life insurance portfolio is appropriately integrated with other planning techniques, while still ensuring that it is designed and managed carefully to help achieve our clients' individual objectives.

Affluent families and family offices require a high degree of discretion, confidentiality, sensitivity and personalized services. We are committed to successfully designing appropriate and innovative strategies that help achieve our client's individual objectives, protect their family legacy, and provide them peace of mind...while ensuring that their plans are aligned with their personal and cultural preferences.


We understand that life insurance can be a complex world to navigate, with the rules changing every year. Our business is built on de-mystifying the life insurance process. We provide our clients the roadmap they need to achieve their intended objectives easily. The right implementation of life insurance can be a paradigm shift in your estate plan.